Swagbucks Review – Scam or Legit? – Make Money Without Investment

Earning money online is a simple task but finding trusted platforms is the most critical part for internet users. We have been going through a lot of research on “Earn money online for free” and it still goes on.

Now, I’m going to tell you about a site that enables you to earn money by doing simple things that you do daily on internet. Yes! You do search, play games, watch videos and give your opinion and daily polls. Just do these things after signing up into that site, then you will earn money for free. Learn and then Earn.

Anyone from any where in the world (USA/CANADA/AUSTRALIA/INDIA, ..etc.,) can make money online with out investment in this genuine website. Checkout the full article for genuine review of Swagbucks and some useful tricks to maximize earnings in Swagbucks.

Here in this article I’m going to share you about review and my experience, expert and user rating and different earning gate ways we have to increase our earnings on this site. Let’s dig in.

The site I have been talking about is “Swagbucks.com”.

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SwagBucks Review– Users And Expert Rating

I would really appreciate the concept of Swagbucks team to make people like us earn more money with it. But you may have the doubt that..

Is swagbucks scam or legit?

Don’t worry in this article I’m going to share you my experience, my friends experience, experts opinion on swagbucks and User interaction with that site all over the world.

Swagbucks team earns money with sponsored ads from Google but they use Bing results as their search results when we search for something on it to earn some swagbucks. This makes a sense. They get money by showing results so they give more money for people who use “Searching” as primary way to earn on it. People who have been paid say, “this is the best program to earn just by searching things just what we do daily”. But many of the people who use Swagbucks say it would be better if they show Google results.

My Personal Swagbucks Review And Insights On Swagbucks :

I want to share my inside look of this site as I have been using this daily to earn an extra income. Don’t worry! This is not scam. I have been paid so many times from this site as I use Swagbucks search more often.

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People who don’t like to spend more time on this site would think this is a scam but if you use just search as your primary income gate way than you will be earning some extra bucks without any extra work. You watch more fun videos but entering Captcha always is terrible part. Remember you will not get bucks for every time you do search in it. They will pay at different times if they think you are actual user of that site.

People like us just can share you different ways and different experiences with you. But gathering the best from us will depend on your capability. Don’t worries we will be with you till the end. You will definitely know every single thing about Swagbucks if you spend some time on it. Then you can write your own review on it. Funny right!

Details of Swagbucks & Tips to Make Money Online Fast in Swagbucks

What is Swagbucks.com?

Swagbucks is the online premier loyalty earning program designed for internet users. They reward you swagbucks for activities that you already do online daily like answering surveys, playing games, watching videos, discovering offers, searching the web and Most of all, they reward you for online shopping. You can earn double swag bucks for each and every purchase you make with coupons they provide.

swagbucks review

What can i do with swagbucks I have earned?

You can turn (redeem) your swagbucks into gift vouchers, gift cards and also as money with Paypal.

  • “450 swagbucks = $5 gift card”
  • “700 swagbucks = $5 PayPal cash”
  • “1335 swagbucks = $10 PayPal cash”
  • “6330 swagbucks = $50 PayPal cash”

You can see Popular rewards in your home page right side drop down bar.

Different Best Ways To Earn In Swag Bucks: Everyone Must Read

Earning opportunities in Swagbucks site varies from country to country. Some countries have all the opportunities but some have less number in list.

By Searching in Swagbucks:

After your sign up into swagbucks, you see a search bar that you can use it as Google search and that makes you earn swagbucks. You first search can be about anything but the term “Swagbucks” is recommended.

Note: Make sure that you don’t search about a single term because search about same things harmful to your account. Swagbucks consider those searches as robotic. So, please use swagbucks as Google and Bing search only.

By Paid Surveys:

You will be shown surveys to be answered in your home page of swagbucks. And also you can see under “Answer” tab in your home page. You can earn up to 100 swagbucks for a single survey and that takes less than 10 minutes.

By Daily Polls:

Daily you can earn 1 buck for participating in daily poll. You can also participate in other polls which may give you bucks but not for sure.

By Doing Simple Tasks:

Under “Answer” tab you can see tasks. This enables you to earn swagbucks by doing simple tasks like collecting data (web research), finding the authors and selecting the content type – means, whether picture contains adult content or good content.
These tasks are given by highly trusted site Crowdflower.com.

Special Offers:

Under “Discover” tab you can find this option. This gives you an opportunity to complete offers by different companies in exchange they give you swagbucks.

Note: This is a risky thing to do – most of the offers are fake that means they do not pay. Make sure that company that you’re doing offers must be good one.

Swagbucks TV:

You can watch videos here like in YouTube. The user can earn only up to 150 SB (swagbucks) from videos.
Note: Following any untrusted methods like auto-refresh bots and reloading the same video multiple times to exploit the system.

By Shopping:

They provide coupons for users. You can earn SB by using them for shopping. You can receive SB per dollar you spent on Shopping.

By SwagCode :

Swagcode is a case sensitive word provided by swagbucks.com team. It has some life time that means within the time only it got value. How to find swagcode? Simple ways are – Installing the Swagbucks tool bar on your browser, an extension in chrome, and by following Swagbucks on blog – blog.swagbucks.com, Facebook and Twitter.
After you find the code you can redeem your code to SB by Swag Code tab on the top right of the home page.

Hourly Random Winner:

Whenever you logged in to the site, you can check for your username and avatar is displayed in the “Hourly Random Winner” section, the user can click on “Claim your Swagbucks” and earn 1,000 SB.

By Playing Games:

You can play flash games in Swagbucks.com. Tournaments are conducted and the winner will be rewarded by more SB (swagbucks).

By Setting Daily Goal:

You can set the Goal on your home page at goal meter. If you meet the goal you can earn extra bonus SB. Meeting your goal daily increases your bonus opportunities so that you can additional bonuses.

By Contest:

Write your success story with swagbucks. Remember to mention your swagbucks profile name and picture. Send your story with title “How Swagbucks Works for Me” to contests@swagbucks.com
If your story is published you will be awarded 500 Swag Bucks!

swagbucks rewards

How to spend Swagbucks?

Rewards Store: You can redeem (turn) your SB for different products. You can find many gift cards in the store.

Swagstacks: This is like an auction program. You can bid for entries for different offers. You can find it right side drop down scroll bar (bottom).

Local Deals: similar to coupons, but require payment in Swag Bucks. This option is maintained by Entertainment.com.

Now sign up for Swagbucks.

I really appreciate if you read my article fully as I have mentioned each and every element regarding to Swagbucks. I have been an active member on it for a year now. I hope you found this article helpful. Feel free to ask anything related to online money earning ways or swagbucks earning ways. We are happy to help you as we were searching like you under every stone of the web. I have shared you with this to help you as well as to get help from. Click on the link I’d given you above to register Swagbucks and start earning from now. All the Best! Happy Earnings!