Clixsense Review – Is Clixsense Scam or Legit?

Clixsense is one of the best web sites to make money online for beginners especially for people in India, Canada, Australia, USA, and the UK etc.;

I started my online money earning career with Clixsense. You should know some techniques to earn more money in Clixsense other wise you cannot earn more money.

I have provided some tips to make money in Clixsense India, USA, Philippines and for other countries.

Tips To Earn More Money Quickly in Clixsense

If you are looking to earn money online in India or from any other country in the world, read this article completely very carefully because I am writing this article with my experience.

There are a lot of fraud sites offering many ways to make money, so be aware of them. Here, I will tell you only the best and most trusted website. If you want to earn more money, you must work in other few sites to increase your money check out my most trusted ( from which I am earning money daily).

I recommend you to register at below sites.

Clixsense Honest Review

When I was signed up for clixsense, I don’t think how to earn money in Clixsense.

I had few doubts about clixsense whether it is true or not but after 50 days I come to know that Clixsense is not a scam site or fake site because I got my first payment to my PayPal account after that PayPal transferred money to my SBI bank.

Clixsense ( in India) helped me a lot to earn some pocket money. I know you’re probably here to know whether it is real or not. My answer to this question is clixsense is not a scam. It is an excellent alternative to earn some pocket money in India. Clixsense is real, but you should follow few rules to keep your account active. Check out important rules of clixsense ( Bottom of this article ).

Clixsense is Not a Scam Web Site – 100 % real


  • Till now if you don’t have a clixsense id join from below link. If you join from the link, you can save $2 ( This is applicable for users who wants to upgrade their account).

Sign Up for Clixsense

My Best Suggestion for You:

My Payment Proof ( Clixsense Review )

Still, if you have any doubts check out my payment proof from clixsense.

Clixsense India earn money

My First Payment Proof.Click on image to see

 Clixsense India Review

  • First click on above sign up button register at clixsense. After Registering, you will get a Mail to Activate your Clixsense Account. Activate your Account and then Log in to your Account.

Different Ways to Earn money Online in Clixsense India

Clicking on Ads – This is the Simplest way to Earn on this web site. Click on the Ads and a Window will Pop-out. In that Window, you have to Choose the Cat. After Sometime you will be Credited.

Playing Clix Grid – This is a Game of Luck. There is 600 Box Image you can Click on any Box. You have 25 chance to Win in this Game.

Referring your Friends – you can Refer your Friends to Earn Money by Clixsense. You will not be Credited for Referring your Friends but Some Percentage from the Work your Friend or Referral does.

Doing Tasks and offers – This is the very important among all methods because above 3 methods because you can earn unlimited money if you can understand (learn) how to do tasks easily.

There are Many Tasks and Offers you can Do to Multiply your Earning. It is also a Good way to Earn but not very Easy. It takes more Time than above three. Check out this video to Learn how to earn in Clixsense.

Important Tips To Keep Your Account Active ( Terms & Conditions of Clixsense India)

  • You must open your account at least once in 60 days. ( Not a big deal right).
  • You shouldn’t have more than one account. If you use two accounts, clixsense may block both accounts.
  • Never log in into two different accounts from one computer. Suppose you and your friend are earning money on this site both of you shouldn’t use the same system.

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